And then a twin mother was born (My kids birth story)

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All the guests gathered in the hall, her favorite food was cooked, family and friends were pampering her with everything she loved, her husband bought her a surprise cake leaving no stone unturned to make her happy on her special day. It was her baby shower. After 6 years of her marriage, she was finally ready to go on a journey of motherhood. She was excited but nervous at the same time as to how things will be. It was her first pregnancy and she was glowing like a star in the dark sky. She looked beautiful in her pink chiffon salwar kameez, shyly flaunting her tummy sometimes in between.
The rituals were performed with great enthusiasm by both the families, after all they had waited for this occasion for years. Later, lunch was served and everyone drooled over the Punjabi delicacies. Now it was the time for the surprise to be revealed.
Varad blindfold Mayra, held her hand and took her to the table where the cake was waiting for her. He then crowned her and unfold her blind. She looked at Varad with moist eyes as she remembered everything she detailed him long back even before her pregnancy, about how she wanted her baby shower to be. She fell in love with her gentleman all over again to see each and every thing was taken care of exactly the way she wanted, even better than that. The cake had four pair of tiny shoes, two in pink and two in blue.
Yes, it was a twin show. They both cut the cake together and dreamt of the day to arrive soon. There was a flood of emotions inside – What if both are boys? I need a daughter too. What if both are girls? Oh, that’s something like a dream come true, but if so, will I be pressurised to have a boy too few yrs down the line? With all these thoughts in her mind, she was trying to be normal and enjoy those moments.
It was the time for some music and dance. Family and friends made it the best day of their lives. Lot of performances for the to be parents was fun not only for everyone in the hall but also for the twinnies inside as Mayra was feeling more and more kicks as the music progressed. She was tired after a fun filled but hectic day.
Alas! Something happened to her and she fainted suddenly. Everyone in the hall was afraid to see her lying down. She was rushed to the hospital and doctor told it was the time for the babies to come out as the blood flow stopped. Hearts sank. Blood froze. The hall which was full of happiness few minutes back turned into a prayer hall with everyone begging God for saving Mayra and their little hearts.
Soon after Mayra found herself in the operation theatre lying in the gown with a huge team of doctors team dressed in green around her. She was numb but confident that everything will be good soon as Varad made her feel this way before entering the OT. She was chanting mantras while the doctors started surgery. Within minutes she heard cry of her first baby, yes she was a Mom, her dream came true but the second baby was still yet to come. After two minutes she delivered the other one too but something was not right.
The baby didn’t cry. Docs struggled while Mayra kept praying and then she heard the best music of her life. Both her babies were crying together while the docs team was busy bathing them. She was anxiously waiting to see them, hug them, kiss them and what not and then the moment came when she got the first sight of her kids and docs announced: “Both are daughters”.
Tears rolled over her cheeks with happiness and she couldn’t say anything except thanking God for the best moment in her life. Just outside the OT, was waiting her family, everyone was overjoyed as they got the double blessings. Varad kissed on Mayra’s forehead while she was lying on the stretcher and whispered in her ears “I have the most beautiful three princesses in my life now”.
Mayra smiled and dozed off. Those magical words took all her worries away.
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Priyanka Arora
Priyanka Arora
September 7, 2017 8:26 am

Wonderfully written
Totally loved it
Love u my butterfly

Shipra sharma
Shipra sharma
September 7, 2017 6:31 pm

Bful vartu..bfuly ecpressed each n very evry moment ?

September 9, 2017 4:07 pm

Lovely….I went into the memory lane… Beautifully expressed.

September 11, 2017 11:13 am

Beauuutiful Vartika… vivid so emotional….I lived your moments through your words. God bless


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