Yay, its Children’s Day…Love laugh live and be a kid again

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Ogilvy says, “The best ideas come as jokes, so keep your thinking as funny as possible”. Grow up but never kill the child inside you.

My craze of Children’s Day is yet not over and I don’t think it will ever be. Even after being a Mom, I still have that child within me and I want it forever. Sometimes it’s very relaxing to be a child again, play, laugh, shout without any worries and forgetting all the tensions of life. No judgements, no politics, no mind games, no drama…just fun and selfless love.

Children’s Day brings so many cherished memories of those golden days, celebration in school, cultural programs, games, competitions, prize distribution, grabbing handful of goodies, flaunting our new hairbands and shoes, oh we get to wear fancy clothes instead of school uniform. Searching your crush in the crowd and see how she/he was looking in civil dress. That was fun.

Not just this single day, I miss everything about childhood. That school uniform, those black shoes, two plaits with ribbons, my pink water bottle, school bag, long gossip sessions at cycle stand during recess, nicknames of teachers, writing name of crush on school tables secretly, exams fever, copying notes, punishments and so much more.

Back home, playing and fighting with my brother, visiting family on holidays, summer vacations, lazing around, last minute preparation during exams, treat by parents after every result. Those were not very fancy days but surely the best days of my life. Didn’t realise when those innocent minds become a part of this manipulative and tricky world.

Wish I had a time machine to go back to that time and live those precious moments once again.




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November 14, 2017 6:17 am

Yes, childhood days are the best phase of our life !

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