My tale of versatility #moretome

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My career was at full bloom when I became a mother of beautiful twin daughters. After 6 years of wedding, I decided to embrace motherhood as I found myself ready to give justice to that responsibility. Soon after my delivery, my husband shifted to another country for his job and I stayed with my daughters at my parent’s place. This was the first time after 10 years I lived with them for so long as I went to another city for studies then job and finally marriage.

Everyone around told me it’s going to very tough for me to manage household, kids and job once I will join my husband abroad. And to be very honest, I was also afraid merely with the thought of having all by myself with two infants.

Finally after 5 months, I also moved abroad. I was already upset leaving my family when God added more to it by taking away my father just a week before leaving India. I was totally devastated and highly depressed but I had no option but to get up and show up. I could not afford to mourn and cry as it would affect my daughters.

As I had been a performer in my company, the management allowed me to operate from another country also so I continued working from here and did not let them down, giving the best in every project. Though, I could not attend the conference in India for which I worked very hard day and night but my efforts were highly appreciated and recognized. The management was happy and I was satisfied.

I was busy the whole day with kids, household chores and my job but every single moment of loneliness was haunting. I was not at peace. Then after a year, I started writing and found peace in it as it diverted my mind. I never thought I will get such overwhelming response and love from the readers but soon it turned out to be my life changing decision. I got top blogger award, people started following me, gradually I got a speaker opportunity at an event here where I represented India. It was a proud moment for me to talk about my country infront of other countrymen.

I am a tired but a happy wife and Mom but there’s surely #moretome. I didn’t quit my career after kids. I always want them to feel proud of their mum, see me as their role model and never develop a feeling that I sacrificed my career for them.

In this era where not just people but also the cities are turning smarter, all rounders are preferred everywhere be it Cricket, Bollywood etc. MS Dhoni lifted the World Cup with his composed and multitasking attitude. Deepika Padukone is loved for her versatile roles. Sushmita Sen is a business woman too along with an actress. I look up to them as an inspiration and progress towards my life as a multitasker.

Apart from being a successful HR professional, I define myself as a dreamer, an enthusiast painter, a passionate blogger cum poetess and a soon to be a food entrepreneur. I am a daydreamer and firmly believe “Unless you dream, you can’t achieve”. I love to paint and sell my paintings. I love to write and pour my heart out in every article of mine and now I am planning to enter in food world too as an entrepreneur, which may take few more months time.

I keep myself occupied not to be called as a super woman but for my own sanity and happiness. It feels soothing to ears when someone tells you “I want to become like you” OR “I want my daughter to be like you”. It surely motivates me to do better in life and inspire more people directly or indirectly but most of all, it gives me the sense of satisfaction.

I feel blessed to have a very supportive husband who has been a constant source of inspiration for me in every single thing I do. Even for writing this blog and participating in this contest, he was my motivator. “I will handle kids and you concentrate on your blog” was his words which made me write as I never wanted to let him down. I totally dedicate this write up to him, my children, my family and my Papa, in heaven. They all are my world and I want them to feel proud to see that I have evolved as a multitasker, strong girl, excelling in not just motherhood but in other dimensions of life too.

I very strongly believe that not just me, in fact every woman, every mother, has more to her. We are born with special abilities to manage and nurture two families. A dash of motivation is required from the family members / friends / peers and we can do wonders. But sadly not everyone is lucky enough to get a support system.

So people, look around yourself and encourage the mommies to stand up for themselves now and show the world their #MORE TO ME.


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May 17, 2018 5:09 pm

Just love your blogs they are so damn original and the language is amazing.
I write about books, fashion, beauty, pets and more! And it’s great to connect with you here! Do follow back and be in touch 🙂

vidhya Thakkar
September 16, 2019 1:42 pm

awww more power to you girl! I love you!! and proud of you!

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