An ode to Sridevi, the Legend of Indian Cinema – RIP Chandni #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa

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Last night while surfing Facebook, I came across a shocking post about Sridevi’s demise. I immediately googled this keeping fingers crossed and praying that it was just a hoax. But, my heart broke when I realised that it was not a rumour and Ms. Hawa Hawai had actually flown away with the wind.

She wasn’t my family, she wasn’t a friend, she wasn’t an acquaintance but she was someone who had such an impact on me that today I find myself in a pool of tears.

I have grown up seeing her movies and whirling on her songs. Her beauty and dance moves always left me awwing at her and wondering how can she be so flawless in everything. One diva of 80-90s who could challenge the actresses of today in fashion trends, style, acting skills, dance and magnetic looks. For me, she was the epitome of beauty, elegance and glory of the Indian Cinema. She challenged patriarchy and proved that a female protagonist alone is capable enough of giving blockbuster movies.

She was the first actress whom I recognized. I still remember the song “Main nagin tu sapera” which I used to sing, at an age of 4 years, like “Mai naaa gintu sapera”. My first dance performance on stage on her song “mere hatho me nau nau choodiyan hain” copying her in every possible moves. But who could have ever copied her style, her unbeatable expressions and mesmerising eyes? I always loved dancing on “morni baga ma”, “hawa hawai” followed by a long list. So so many memories and she being a vital part in all of them.

Be it the innocent charming girl in Lamhe or absolute delight in Mr. India, the bubbly character in Chaalbaaz or those speaking eyes in Sadma. Enchanting beauty and elegance in Chandni or sheer poetess in Khuda Gawah and after almost a decade and half break, what an outstanding comeback in English Vinglish – she justified them all and left us speechless with her enthralling charm everytime.

Really saddened as this Legend is no more. Her sudden demise has left me pondering upon many questions:

She was a diet conscious person, never relied on junk food. She was a fitness freak and used to exercise few hours daily. She had all the luxuries of life. Had no history of  stroke. Then why cardiac arrest? Was she not at peace? Was she not happy? Was she stressed? Was the ever smiling face had a hidden grief within? These questions will also be buried with her. The only fact remains that a husband lost his wife, daughters lost their mother and our Nation lost a brilliant talent.

This fateful incident again reminds us about the fragility and unpredictability of life. Life is short, there’s no time for holding grudges. Be with the people whom you love and who love you back. Do what gives you happiness, eat what satisfy your taste buds, celebrate life everyday. I’m not advocating an unhealthy lifestyle here just reminding not to be hard on yourself.

Celebrities look like stars to us but they are also subjected to the same uncertainties of life, same game of Nature – unsure to witness the next beautiful morning.

RIP gorgeous, you will surely be missed. Thank you for all the awesome memories. This was indeed a SADMA (trauma) for us – an irreparable one!


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February 26, 2018 4:47 pm

Life’s unpredictable. Yup.

March 1, 2018 2:48 pm

Yes… Absolute loss to Indian cinema n art as a whole

Namratha Varadharajan
March 1, 2018 4:10 pm

Heartfelt words

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