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This is for the craziest girl whom I call my friend…Toast to our friendship on this Friendship Day!!

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This is the first guest blog on my website written by Shubnita Singh, who is an amazing writer and also my best friend. She mostly writes on the social issues and parenting topics and is known by the name of “That middle class girl” in the blogosphere. 

She is a mom of two, fashionista, foodie for life, having infectious alacrity for life. I have shared the best moments of my life with this girl and we were known as “inseparable” by the teachers, friends, our families etc. This write up is a surprise gift for me by her on Friendship Day and most of the things she has mentioned in this post are fictitious 🙂

I am sure after reading this post, you will get to know what happens when you want the first guest post on your site to be of your bestie. Below is the link to her blog which I highly recommend everyone to visit:

With friendship day fast approaching, I planned a surprise for my long distance bestie and decided to write a guest post for her newly launched website. For a snob like me who hates every such day being celebrated and someone who feels awkward to wish her own mother and father on mothers and fathers day, this job was immense. But this girl in our casual discussion sometime had already asked me to be the first guest writer for her website. So, I thought no other occasion would be more suitable than this. Also, I knew I better write than suffer for the rest of my life, tortured by this crazy lass.

When I actually picked up my laptop and began to think about what to write, I thought I should tell the world who am I friends with first. so here it goes-

I am friends with:

A girl so frail even wind can fly her away.

A girl who survives on her homeopathy and other medicines (especially headache meds)

A girl who would laugh at almost everything.

A girl who finds out the best possible ways to flirt with every handsome boy she could lay her eyes on.

A girl who would secretly study and tell you she is unprepared and still scores more than you in the exams.

A girl who would give you the weirdest of ideas (worst ideas ever)

A girl who is so hardworking, and reminds you of tortoise and rabbit story every time.

A girl who is habitual of getting into troubles.

A girl I spent half of my life saving from every second person we had met (had I not been in the picture, she would have been dead by now)

A girl who is just habitual of messing everything up.

A girl who would not let you talk, because she never is finished talking.

A girl who has a story for everything.

A girl who only talks and never ever listens.

A girl so full of life with overflowing infectious energy all the time.

A girl who is crazy to another level.

A girl who sucks at the dance but won’t stop dancing at all.

A girl who sings and paints like a dream.

A girl who writes from the heart and always makes me cry with her writing.

A girl with a crazy mad brother.

A girl who is a sister from another mother.

A girl who is more family than my own family.

A girl who always asks for ideas but end up never following that idea. (why the hell do you even ask?)

A girl I was born in the same city with, went to the same school with, but made friends only in college, and never unfriended ever since….even for a day or an hour.

A girl I may not have met for ages or talk on the phone every day….but not a day gone by without thinking about her. (in a way she makes sure I think about her every day)

A girl who thinks.. all the crap she has to tell is very…extremely important.

A girl who sends 1000 voice notes in one day and want you to listen to each one of it because each is very important and informative and inspiring) but you send her one and she won’t even listen to that.

A girl who will cry at the drop of hat.

A girl who is sulking all the time but is the happiest, craziest person you can ever know.

A girl who is everybody’s favorite still hungry for attention all the time.

A girl who falls in love every time….true, sacred, pure love…. each time.

A girl with the purest heart, vicious smile, heartfelt laughter and true words.

A girl who has a habit of silently killing all her enemies in her thoughts (a lot more kind of crime is done in her thoughts)

A girl with multi-talents, multi qualities, and multitasking all the time.

A girl who is a superwoman in every way.

A girl who is for sure the spice of my life.

A girl who I am thankful to God for sending her to my life.

I am glad we are friends!!

In life we meet many people….there are many out of those many people who become a part of our life…many we don’t wish to see again….many we wish to meet again…many pleasant…many unpleasant….and all these many people leave a mark in our lives. Each and every one of them has a reason to be in our lives…duration may be short or long or few days or forever…but they have a reason to be in our lives and they all teach us something or the other and are the milestones in the journey of our life.

Very few people, however, are only to give you smile and happiness.  With very few people you can be you…you can be real. Well! this girl is someone I can be me with…I can share my darkest, dirtiest, nastiest, most embarrassing secrets….and I know I won’t be judged…because she knows me…the real me….we were together for maybe 5 years altogether…..but we made friends for life. She is so close to me that I can easily name her soul sister but hell no….she is my friend..a friend in need a friend indeed and I don’t want to change anything about us. We are just perfect the way we are.

Happy Friendship Day, you girl.


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Gurjeet Chhabra
August 8, 2018 2:01 pm

woow what a beautiful poem. I envy your friend, she has such a sweetheart .

keep up good work
Gurjeet Chhabra

Anshu Bhojnagarwala
August 9, 2018 12:37 pm

Hi Vartika, I had commented earlier too, but it has not featured here. I loved this heartfelt post. Not many are blessed with such honest friends. Have a great friendship!


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