How to raise twins alone with no help -Part 2

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Hello People,

As I had ended part 1 of my blog at childproofing tips, here is the second and final part of “How to raise twins alone with no help”. To read the first part, click Part 1

Potty training:

Another nightmare I had, was potty train my daughters. I had been listening from my family and friends that I was very late in training my kids and it’s not good to keep them in diapers all the time. But honestly, I gave a deaf ear to all those comments because I knew it wasn’t feasible with twins. Initially, I got carried away by the people and tried to train my duo but it was a disaster. Instead of pooping in the pot, they made a huge mess everywhere. I quit and waited to get signs from them when they will be ready to be trained.

After their second birthday, my little one was reluctant to wear pajamas and diaper. So, I decided to try with her first. I stopped making her wear a diaper and asked her time to time if she needed to go to pee. There were accidents in the initial few days but within a week, she adopted herself to it. My other one took time, she was still not prepared so I waited and initiated her training when I got signs from her. Within 1-2 months, they were trained. Yes, it wasn’t a 3-day session as many parents happily claim. Well, mine wasn’t!

TIP: Don’t train both the kids together. Be prepared for the mess and accidents, I am sure by the time you will come to the stage of potty training, you would have learned to embrace the mess 😉 Buy lots of pajamas and underwears. 
Make your kids independent:

Twin parents do not have to do the things twice but the no. is maddening. While you dress up one, the other one will take off his shoes, you put on his shoes again, the first one would spill water on her dress and it goes on and on. It’s always advisable to make your kids independent since the beginning. I noticed sudden changes in my little ones after their second birthday, they tried doing everything on their own and by the time they were 2 years 5 months, they were perfectly dressing and undressing them up for bath, wearing socks and shoes.

Once they start gripping things (5-6 months or even more), teach them to hold their bottles so that you are hands-free while they drink their milk. With practice, they will learn. Similarly, encourage self-feeding at an early age. Kids find pride in doing their chores themselves and you will get time to finish other stuff. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

Embrace the mess and say no to stress:

It’s perfectly OK to have a messy house. Learn to let go the things you cant help. Kids will play, eat, drink so the house will turn dirty. Don’t worry about the visitors, they understand and if they don’t and make faces, gently ask them to lend a helping hand in cleaning. Next time onwards, they won’t complain either 😉 And NO, it’s not rude, its practical.  Stressing over such matters will not do any good to you and your family.

Believe in yourself:

We discover a few things in life only when it comes to us. Always believe in yourself, your ways, you know what is best for your baby, follow what your heart says. A mother’s instinct can never go wrong. Trust it. Remember, you are much stronger and capable than you think and that’s why God has gifted you the most precious jewels as He knew “You can do it!”

Love and hugs!

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