A letter for you – as you turn three, my little babies!

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My dear M&M,

It was your 3rd birthday a few weeks back and as our yearly ritual, here is your birthday letter. I know I am a bit late this year but we all were making the most of our time in India, with family na. And I know you are big girls now and can wait. So, without any further delay, here we go:

This was the first time we celebrated your birthday with your entire family, your grandparents, uncles, and aunts. You were the happiest throughout the day when we did a small Pooja in the morning and you relished the prasad (tasty sweet, as you address it). Clad in new maroon frocks and a new boy cut hairstyle, you looked adorable. Later in the evening, we went out and you cut the cake which had a Mickey Minnie on it as same as on your orange dress.

Sitting in Nani’s lap, you both enjoyed the song that she played on her mobile, “Baar baar din ye aaye”. I know she relived my childhood days with you once again and enjoyed as much as you did.

My girls, I want to thank you both once again, for giving me the pleasure of being called a “Mother”. Thanks for coming and brightening my life. The feeling of wrapping your tiny finger around mine for the very first time and holding you close to my heart is still fresh in my mind and today, you are three. Another milestone achieved.

You know, you both are amazing since the time you are born. My warriors, my fighters, as I call you. You fought 20 days in the hospital without Mamma Papa and came home healthy and beautiful in a tiny package. My strong babies, continue to be brave and awesome forever.

In the last one year, I have seen you growing very fast and achieving many milestones one by one. On your last birthday, you started babbling just a few words and now its impossible to stop you. Chatterbox Mamma ki chatterbox gudiyas. Haina? Honestly, I love it this way. I want you to talk and talk and talk and speak your heart out with each other, me and Papa too.

I want you to never stop wowing looking at the airplanes in the sky. Continue waving at the people with your joyfully beaming face. Never cease observing the things around as you lovingly do. Continue to be happy looking at the moon in the sky or chirping birds. Keep throwing your endless questions and stay inquisitive always. I want you to never stop giggling and laughing your heart out on even silly discussions. Most of all, I want you to never stop looking at me with those shiny twinkling eyes and say I love you, Mamma and hug me tightly.

I always wanted to have a younger sister and experience those girly moments but with you, I am making up for it. You make my world complete and melt my heart with your talks and actions.

I secretly peep into your room when you both converse and plot your new mischief and I immensely enjoy doing it and acting naive. I love your imagination and turning gloomy days into brighter ones. You have your shy moments and take your own sweet time opening up with people and that is totally OK. You love attention and I am fine with it.

I love watching you both while you snuggle into your blanket, deep asleep, in your wonderland. You look cute little angels. Deceptive looks, you have inherited from your Papa, I must say.

I feel proud to see two empathic human beings in you. The way you care and worry about the little kids crying in the mall or anywhere, how concerned you feel and ask them not to cry. When Papa hurt himself on his foot, how you both held his hands and supported him to walk, amazed me like nothing else. Every time, you kept asking him about he felt if he still had pain. I could see your love and bond with him.

Whenever I cry, no matter how upset you are with me, you never fail to caress me and wipe my tears saying, ” No Mamma no crying”, “Please Mamma” and I fell in love with you even more.

Three years passed in a jiffy. I know I say the same thing every year but this is how it is. Days seem longer with you, catering to your needs the whole day, acting referee to your fights, cooking for you and then and feeding you, handling your tantrums but most of all, laughing with you and at your silly and naughty acts. But the years are shorter.

There are days, moments (most of the time) when you drive me crazy and by end of the day, I look like a zombie and when Papa comes home and looks at me and my messy bun, he takes you over and let me breathe. As I tuck you to the bed every night, I feel so drained out, I don’t get the energy to write or paint or even eat.

There are days or even months, I don’t visit a parlor to get my brows or haircut done. I look like a hairy bear and don’t wish to look in the mirror. I crib, I complain, I lose temper, yes I do. But I know this will not be like this forever.

And I secretly love this phase of life as I know this will pass in a blink of an eye and soon you will be all by yourself. Ready to fly high in the sky and chase your dreams. Then, you will not need me anymore and I am going to miss this for sure.

I can see you are big in your mind and spirits, and already have a voice now in choosing your dress, shoes, clips etc. when I go shopping for you. Soon the role will be reversed and you would be shopping with me, and for me. Can’t wait for that day.

As you get a year older, my little queens, I am driven in two different directions. This world is a beautiful place yet filled with good and evil souls both. A part of me wants to hold you close to me forever, protect you from all the evils and another wants you to enter the real world, and touch the sky. But I know you are my warrior queens, free-spirited girls, and want to fly high at the right time.

So, I strive to make this world a better and safe haven for you always. And I pray to God to arm you with all the wisdom and weapons to save you from the evils. May you be always blessed with strength, respect, honesty, integrity, independence, faith and more.

Lastly, I want to tell you that I love you so much today and always. You will always be my warrior queens. I will always always be there for you, no matter what. Stay awesome, healthy and mischievous forever. And please don’t grow up so fast as I am going to miss all this one day.

M for Mamma
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December 12, 2018 6:38 am

So sweet! Such a heartwarming letter this is! Happy Birthday to your little adorables. 🙂

Anagha Yatin
December 20, 2018 12:32 pm

Thats an honest downpour of the adorable sweet yet realistic feelings of a proud mother, Vartika. All along the post, I could see a fine mother in making, with a great hope for future, whose CV now boasts of 3 years of experience in raising two little munchkins.
Before I leave, here is a wishing the cutie pies, a very happy birthday (belated) God bless you all.

December 30, 2018 10:14 am

The best thing about mommy life is seeing the little ones grow. Lovely letter. Best wishes for the new year.

Neha Jain
Neha Jain
September 17, 2019 5:06 am

What a beautiful letter for your little ones they would be happy to read this when they can understand it. Motherhood is a beautiful journey with lot of learnings in seeing them growing everyday

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