An Interview with Sheuli Bhowal, the one who brought taste of India to Poland

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I am always inspired by women who take things in their stride, listen to their heart and pursue their passion. Sheuli Bhowal is one of those inspiring women who brought the taste of India to Poland. She is the Head Chef at an Indian Restaurant here and also conducts culinary classes. Read more about her and her journey in an exclusive interview with this charming lady.

1. Can you please tell me more about yourself?
Ans: I was born in East India where food is a celebration. Brought up in a traditional family, I learned cooking from my Mother, Grandmother and other ladies within the family. Cooking is my passion and I love cooking for people. I lived in various cities in India and spent a significant part of my life in a metropolitan environment. Through this, I had an experience of sharing different cooking styles with other friends from various part of India.
I came to Krakow with my husband and one child, 12 years ago. Here, I honed my European cuisine cooking skills by sharing and cooking for various international cooking clubs at Krakow. My knowledge of cooking has matured over the years and I have adapted the all-Indian menu that I know and love, to the local taste; for getting the best of eating experience from Indian authentic food.
2. How and when did you embark on the cooking profession?
Ans: Cooking and feeding people was always there with me. Cooking was a passion for me when I was a grown-up child. After I came to Poland I continued to prepare experimental dishes for my friends and family. I was teaching Indian Coking to BISC high school children as a part of their CAS program.  I shortly worked as food adviser to an Indian restaurant in Krakow operated by a Polish acquaintance.
Since then I am organizing different cooking workshops, training, and Fine Dining sessions. Some of the interesting assignments were from Holiday Inn Krakow, Hilton Airport Hotel, Eataway, Cafe Młynek, Zupitto, Twój Kucharz, Indology, Jagiellonian University. I also organized some interesting cooking event to celebrate birthdays and marriage anniversaries. A special event was organized by Barka, boat restaurant at Krakow, on my dishes during summer 2018.
I am also associated with charitable organization and time to time organizing activities for preparing foods for challenging children and charitable dinner events.  I was an Associate since the startup of Parampara Restaurant in Krakow and developed the menu for them. Currently, I am playing the role of Head Chef at Parampara. Several articles were published on my cooking, namely at Gazeta Wyborcza, Krakow Post, Kulinaria  NaszeMiasto – Kraków, TOP magazine.  
3. Who inspires you in your cooking journey?
Ans: My grandmother and her inspiration and tips about cooking.
4. How many students you have taught so far and are they regularly practicing Indian food?
Ans: Difficult to count. I feel happy when I remember that people from high school to top executives, women, and men,  were participating in learning Indian cuisine. It is a great satisfaction for me when I get feedback that people are making samosa at their home.
5. Which is the most favorite and well-accepted dish so far?
Ans: It is a difficult question when Indian cuisine can sever so many and so wide varieties of dishes. I always change my offers to sever the taste of Indian form 4 corners.
6. What is your favorite part in this journey so far?
Ans: The Full journey is amazing so far. Whenever I see smiling faces with happiness after eating my dishes, that moment is the moment of great satisfaction.
7. What do you enjoy more – teaching the culinary skills to your students or hosting meals?
Ans: Both of them are equally interesting to me.
8.  What message would you like to give to other fellow stay at home women?
Ans: Nowadays it is possible to pursue your passion, staying at home.
So, this was about Sheuli, who has been doing a wonderful job and satiating the gastronomical buds of not only the Indians but also the people all over the globe, visiting and staying in Poland. Hope her message for all the stay at home women, motivates and inspires many others to explore their talent and pursue their passion.
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Shilpa Bindlish
Shilpa Bindlish
December 31, 2018 6:02 pm

Glad to know the chef and her story. Appreciate your effort to publish her.

Tina Basu
January 1, 2019 9:45 am

Wow she’s so inspiring. Setting up a food business in a different land is a great feat. So good to read about her

Ritu Kalra
Ritu Kalra
January 1, 2019 1:12 pm

I loved reading the journey of the has been completely amazing..bringing smiles to many faces; she has been doing a good job..

jaideep khanduja
January 1, 2019 5:16 pm

this must be inspiring for for many others to think out of box and do something wonderful like this.

Alpana Deo
January 7, 2019 3:27 pm

Creating India on a foreign land is not easy but kudos to her for all the efforts she has put.

January 7, 2019 3:59 pm

I understand the feeling when you see smiling faces after people eat your food. And she’s running such a big school. It must be highly satisfying. Great to know about her.

Zainab Raazi
Zainab Raazi
January 9, 2019 8:46 am

Good to learn about her. On a different note, Poland’s been on my wish list. Hope to come soon and maybe meet her as well.

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