Book Review of Creative Kids (DIY, fun, art & craft), Debut book by Dr. Surbhi Prapanna
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Book Review of Creative Kids (DIY, fun, art & craft), Debut book by Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

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Here, I am back with another book review and today, I have reviewed a book, “Creative Kids” which is quite different and unique from my last reads. Being a craft/DIY lover, this book caught my attention and I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. I tried a few activities mentioned in the book with my kids who also had a great time. It is a debut book of the author who is a doctor by profession, a passionate blogger and now an author.

Author: Dr. Surbhi Prapanna
Genre: DIY/Craft
Rating 4.5/5


As the name indicates, this book is a pandora’s box of creative and fun activities suited for all age groups. The author has written this book along with her two beautiful daughters, experimenting and converting the trash into treasure. It is an amazing collection of crafts and DIYs which is a wonderful example of making the best out of the waste. The cover page is catchy and talks a lot about the book.


If you are a craft/DIY lover, this is the book for you. And even if you are not the one, still this book has a lot for you. The author has shared many activities like how to make a stress ball, bookmarks, diaries, photo frames, bubbles, lip balm, aquarium, wood art, etc. by using the material readily available around us.

This book has answers to many parenting queries you might have like self-care routine, how to raise positive children and imbibe good qualities in them, how to develop leadership skills, team building skills, communication skills in the children. Along with the craft ideas, there are a few recommendations for the youtube learning channels and good TV shows for the kids which are not just entertaining but helpful too in terms of their learning and overall growth.

The book contains a few quick ideas to keep your kids busy as well as expose them to something innovative. The best part about this book is the benefits of each activity which have been shared at the end of every chapter. It is a great way to learn while playing. Kids can develop fine motor skills, imaginary skills, critical thinking, decision-making skills, thinking ability, decorative skills, etc. A few activities also teach you about science and mathematics as you measure the ingredients during the process. I like the versatility of this book as it has something or the other to offer for everyone.


The author has shown concern towards Mother Nature and shared many exquisite craft ideas by recycling the products like old clothes, laces, ribbons, paper plates, popsicle sticks, etc. This is an excellent way to imbibe the values in our children and make them environment-friendly. There are a few nature-inspired activities also like stone art, flower and leaf art, etc.

To make it more interesting, the author has also shared many group activities where the entire family can participate and enjoy. These are perfect for reunion parties and get-togethers. These are a great way to strengthen the bond between the kids and their parents, grandparents, and other family members. I really like the fact that the author has used her medical knowledge too in this book to make it more impressive and added value for the readers. She has shared her expert advice on two major topics – yoga and childhood obesity.

Be it summer vacations or school holiday project, this book will definitely come to the rescue for the parents. Also, kids might surprise you by making a hand made card on your next birthday inspired by this book. This book definitely makes a good read for every parent and also makes a thoughtful gifting option.

As a debut author, Dr. Surbhi has done full justice with this book. It is a lovely compilation of learning activities and a very well written piece.


This book has been written as a part of Blogchatter e-book carnival. It is available for free download for a limited time. You can grab your copy here

So, this was my honest book review – “Creative Kids” by Dr. Surbhi Prapanna written as part of Blogchatter Book Review Program. Hope you will enjoy the book too.

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Surbhi Prapanna
May 17, 2019 3:07 pm

Thanks a lot dear..I am so glad that you liked the book. loved the way you had shared an analytical review for each chapter. means a lot to me.

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