Book Review of Eco-Baby Care and Green Parenting
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Book Review of Eco-Baby Care and Green Parenting by Pratibha

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Today, the book I have reviewed is on a very important and thoughtful topic. The book is titled as “Eco-Baby Care and Green Parenting” written by Pratibha who focuses on chemical-free living. She practices and advocates this in her day-to-day life and tries to give a healthy, organic and chemical free environment for her twin sons. Pratibha is a work-from-home blogger and a social media consultant. She writes extensively for the leading and eminent magazines and platforms like The Quint, Elephant Journal. So, here goes the book Review of Eco-Baby Care and Green Parenting.

Author: Pratibha
Genre: Parenting
Rating 4.5/5


This book has been written with the idea of introducing an eco-friendly, green and sustainable living to the parents. The author has shared the practical ways how to choose the chemical-free lifestyle for yourself and your kids. This book is an excellent read for all the parents especially the new ones as it will help them understand and adapt to the green and organic environment for their offspring.


In the journey called parenting, the new parents often find themselves in a dilemma whether they are doing the things in the right way for their kids or not. Well, being a twin mom myself, in the last three years, I have learned that there is no right way. Do what works best for you and your baby. What works for others may not work for you, so trust your instinct and follow your heart. But at the same time, use your brain and get into mindful parenting.

This book gives an insight into a chemical-free living and after reading it, I realized it is actually not difficult to go green. We just need to educate ourselves on how can we adopt a lifestyle with minimum or no exposure to the products with heavily loaded chemicals. How? This book gives a solution to this question.

With a large number of baby care products available in the market, it becomes overwhelming for the parents to choose one for their baby. Pratibha has shared a few tips on what to look in the ingredients while buying a toxin-free product. She has shared the harmful ingredients which need to be avoided and recommended a few brands which offer organic and natural products. She has shared many ways to live an eco-friendly life and be kind towards our Mother Nature.

A few ways she has suggested are:

Buy Ecocert certified products. These are said to be 95% organic and naturally derived. The best is these are free from nasties, fragrances, parabens, SLS, Phenoxyethanol, etc.

Green parenting can be achieved by making two major changes – Food and Diapers. Breastfeeding is the best way to provide the required nutrients to your newborn. Home-made food is another good source which is not only healthy but hygienic too. Go for organic and locally grown food items.

Moving to cloth diapers instead of the regular ones is one of the biggest steps towards saving the environment. Regular diapers are loaded with chemicals and take thousands of years to dispose off. Cloth diapers will not hurt your pockets and you will do your bit in creating a pollution free world.

I discovered a very interesting yet alarming fact from this book which is Organic Clothing. I had no idea that clothes can contain chemicals too. There are brands available like Koonik, Omved, Nino Bambino, etc. which manufacture organic clothing for the kids.

So, to know more about which are the natural products to use for your baby when it comes to grooming be it skin care, massage oil, talcum powder, hair care, body wash, soap, etc. check out this wonderful book.


This book has been written as a part of Blogchatter e-book carnival and is available for free download for a limited time. You can grab your copy here

So, this was my honest book review of “Book Review of Eco-Baby Care and Green Parenting” written as part of Blogchatter Book Review Program. Hope you will enjoy reading this book too.


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May 27, 2019 5:17 am

A nice review. Enjoyed reading.

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