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Book Review of Learning through Journeying by Dr. Manju Thakur (Mann)

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Today, the book that I have reviewed is one of the most awaited ones. Through this book, my dear friend Mann has made a debut entry as an author. I and Mann took the plunge together to go ahead and publish our books through Blogchatter ebook carnival. Subsequently, we had shared our fears, insecurities, doubts and later the joy of being tagged as an “Author”. So, here goes the book review of Learning through Journeying.

Title of the book: Learning through Journeying
Genre: Non-fiction, Travelogue
Rating: 4.5/5
Author: Dr. Manju Thakur (The Mountain girl, Mann)
About the Author:

Dr. Manju Thakur aka Mann is a Doctorate in Animal Physiology. She is currently serving as an Assistant Professor at College level in Himachal Pradesh. Having spent about eight years in this profession, to her, storytelling comes naturally. She is a dedicated learner.

Reading and traveling add to her knowledge vista and are her favorite things to do. She has mapped many corners of the country; some time to present her research work, just to see places at other times. Totally in love with Nature, she loves to refer herself as a Mountain girl. Her husband who she calls Mr. CoolHead and daughter Snow, are her constant companions in all the explorations.


Learning through Journeying is a collection of personal travel tales of the mountain girl aka author Mann. Through her book, she will take you on a journey to various beautiful destinations in India. Hailing from mountains, it was obvious for her to start her journey from her breathtaking and native state, Himachal Pradesh. In addition to the enchanting hills, she has also shared snippets from her trips to the other glorious states of India like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Odisha, Jammu, Delhi, Belgaum, and North East. This book will come handy for people who want to educate themselves about these hidden gems of our beautiful country. Those who are looking for travel inspiration with family and kid, kindly check out this book.


As the title of the book indicates, Mann has shared not only her travel adventures but also did not shy away from sharing the mistakes she had made as a traveler and the learnings through each of them.

Starting from wearing Chamba Chappals (fancy footwears) instead of boots, while trekking in the snowcapped mountains of Giri Ganga TO how scary the camping sites could be during the celebrations or festivals as you might encounter people in an inebriated state TO how badly it may cost you not booking accommodation beforehand to the jam-packed destinations especially while traveling with family, Mann has shared all the challenges she had faced. She has poured her heart in this book and it is quite evident in all her anecdotes.

Another reason that I could connect well with this book is the love and addiction to travel. Like me, the author is also a wanderlust and quite an adventurous person. From trekking to spelunking (exploring caves), from camping to paragliding, she has done it all. I loved the way she has guided the readers throughout the book in her conversation style of writing. You would feel a friend is taking you all over these stunning places. The brilliant narration will transport to a particular location and explore the place through the author’s lens.

The selection of location is quite eclectic, and the vivid description of every destination is commendable. The pictures are a treat to eyes and have added value to the book. The title is absolutely in alignment with the content of the book as Mann has shared her “bonus learnings” in all the chapters. The book cover is mesmerizing and catchy which will surely grab the attention of the readers and lure them to pick this fantastic book.

There is a lot to tell about this book but I will end it here without being a spoiler. If you are bitten by a travel bug and love exploring new places, with family, kids, or as a couple, you should definitely lay your hands on this amazing travelogue.


This book has been written as a part of Blogchatter e-book carnival. You can grab your copy which is available for a free download for a limited time only here

So, this was my honest book review of Learning through Journeying written as part of Blogchatter Book Review Program. Hope you will enjoy reading this book too.


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