Between the wife, mother and me, I chose myself - a short poem
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Between the wife, mother and me, I chose myself – a short poem

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It was a usual weekday when my husband had left for work and kids were busy, enjoying their winter holidays. I had an off too at work so after having a late breakfast and feeding kids, I was leisurely lying on the couch overlooking the morning chores. All I wanted was a day off – from all the duties of a wife, mother, employee, blogger and so on. While day-dreaming, I penned down a few lines, hope all the moms would relate:

As I lay on my couch today, resting my bums and back,
I chose to laze around and take a break.
Spending the whole day relaxing was on my mind,
But what about the cluttered morning home? Well, I chose to turn blind!

A sink was brimming with dirty dishes, a bed had to be made,
Pieces of jigsaw puzzles and dough mess were all over the place.
Mind said “do the chores”, heart “looked out for the bed”,
I chose not to listen to my mind and leisurely disobeyed.

Two pair of socks that I had bought for kids yest,
Yet to be tried, were thrown carelessly in a corner.
Dolls, books, and papers were scattered all over the nest,
Still, I chose to snuggle in the quilt, staying warmer.

I reminded myself, our tummies are full and this is enough,
You need some rest, why to make your life so tough.
Take control of your life, learn to live the moment,
For it’s only you who can decide – celebrate or lament.

Gift a day to yourself, chill in your couch, just do nothing,
Or go out with peers, shop, party, dance, and sing.
Dress up in your favorite outfit, bring on those red heels,
Or treat yourself with a book and a warm cup of tea.

So, the fight was over and the verdict was clear,
Donning the cap of a carefree lass, spreading the cheer,
I followed my heart and listened to my younger-self,
Between the wife, mom, and me, I chose myself.

Do let me know if you liked the post and feel the same on a few days or most of the days like me 😉

I would love to read your views in the comments section.

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Swarnali Nath
January 31, 2020 7:43 pm

Hi Vartika! I really loved your poem, sometimes I do think these all you know. All the day we just rush and run, chase the chaos. We forget to live. Truly. Your thoughts resonated with calmness around me. Serene, and beautiful. Enjoyed reading, and made me think again. Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful piece.

Aslam khan
February 1, 2020 1:13 pm

Just awesome.. even me being the opposite gender. Still I need some me time. I want to be just me. Kudos to you vartika

Sonia Dogra
February 1, 2020 6:38 pm

That’s a wonderful reminder to over working women to pause and enjoy themselves and not feel guilty about it. The dishes can always wait!

Gurjeet Chhabra
April 6, 2020 1:51 pm

haha, Every mom,wife,woman want these type of break but alas , never had it… you pen it down so beautifully.

Simrit Bedi
April 6, 2020 5:26 pm

What a beautiful poem! We really need to pause and take a breather in life. All of us deserve Me time! Loved it

Sindhu Vinod Narayan
April 6, 2020 6:37 pm

That’s a lovely poem vartika. Live each moment must be our mantra. We fail to notice small things. #tmmreads #blogchattera2z

Arushi Seth
April 6, 2020 7:06 pm

A much needed and a beautiful poem. We all need some me time and may be that time we do just nothing. We often forget but thank you for the reminder

Kinshoo Agrawal
April 9, 2020 11:02 am

Very well written. it’s good to sometimes keep ourselves as priority. Keep writing!


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Cindy Dsilva
October 6, 2020 10:44 am

I am definitely like this. I’m not the cleaning OCD types though i would love a clean home. But if i have to stress myself out, I would like to clear up once I’m in the mood to.

Suchita Agarwal
Suchita Agarwal
October 7, 2020 12:40 pm

There is power in choosing to do nothing, especially when there’s so much to be done. I love it – and loved your poem too 🙂

October 7, 2020 5:20 pm

Oh yes, it’s so relatable. You have expressed it really well. Reminds me of a line from ‘Eat, Pray, Love’: “The sweetness of doing nothing.”
We all need that. I love my silence and solitude, otherwise I get cranky. 🙂

Swati Mathue
October 15, 2020 7:08 pm

Yes there are days when I want to choose myself over everything and everyone. Beautifully penned poem and so real.

Swati Mathur
October 15, 2020 7:09 pm

Yes there are days when I want to choose myself over everything and everyone. Beautifully penned poem and so real.

Swiddle D'Cunha
October 16, 2020 8:25 am

Every mom, wife can relate to your poem. So well expressed and so real. Its necessary to find me time to keep our sanity intact. I wrote something on a similar topic. Do give it a read.

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