Every morning I wake up with a heart full of hope and belief

Every morning I wake up with a heart full of hope and belief

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Every morning I wake up with a heart full of hope and belief
“Life is back to normal and the last few days were a bad dream”

I gaze outside the window

The sky looks magnificent draped in a saree, white and blue
Behind the clouds, I spot the Moon whispering a sweet adieu
The misty dewdrops look fresh, the green Earth serene
Trees blossoming, the surroundings pristine

But no morning walkers or school-going kids in sight
Oh! The entire city is sleeping day and night
Nobody is basking under the sun, benches lay empty in parks
All I see is deserted roads and faces covered with masks

Caged in my nest, this seems like a prolonged break
Do I miss those busy mornings when I would rush to wake?
There is no running after the kids, no tiffins to pack
No school pick and drop, no  bags to check

I crave strolling out in the fresh air and play outdoor games
Smelling the cherry blossoms, back to those cobbled lanes
Every evening, I try to catch a whiff of the spring blooms
Sipping tea and peeping through the window of my room

I hear birds chirping, flying high and melodiously sing
How I envy them and wish I too had wings
Humans are suffering, Nature is healing
I wonder, through this pandemic, will we learn anything?

The virus will be gone soon, the chances are bleak
Answers of many uncertainties and insecurities, I seek
I try to cope up using various new techniques
Still, it hits me hard at times and I shriek

Every night before signing off to bed
I make a silent wish to paint the town red
Please end this pandemic soon, I pray to the Chief
And doze off to sleep with a heart full of hope and belief

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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Aslam khan
May 3, 2020 1:42 pm

Life has really stopped. This virus has caged us.
But definitely this pandemic gave us many things to learn.

Sonia Dogra
May 11, 2020 7:35 pm

You have penned the tale of this pandemic aptly Vartika. The vacillations, the contradictions and the uncertainties. And the hope in the end is probably what we all are holding on to.

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