A long walk and heart to heart talk
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A long walk and some heart to heart talk

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A long walk and heart to heart talk
A long walk and heart to heart talk

After 4 months of quarantine, I stepped out to get some fresh air with my daughters. Their happiness knew no bounds and I could see the spark in their eyes. They were excited to walk on those familiar lanes and throughout the way, kept waving to everyone. I captured my conversation with them during our walk in a poetry, “A long walk and heart to heart talk”. I hope you will like it.

Look, the day is so bright and sunny

Let’s go out for a walk, Mommy

Dress us up in the pink frocks

And leave open our curly hair locks

Hold our hands and hold them tight

Let’s not return home until it’s night

Show us all the things, we missed all these days
And teach us something interesting all the way

Why is the sky blue and leaves are green?

And why during the day the Moon can’t be seen?

Why is the Sun so bright and the Moon so white?

And why do the stars twinkle in the night?

Why do the fishes swim and birds have wings?

Who teaches them to fly in the sky and melodiously sing?

Why do the birds live in the nest and deer in the jungle?

And why do the ducks quack quack and lions rumble?

How the rain falls and who makes the snow?

How a rainbow is formed and who paints it violet, indigo and blue?

Come on, let’s gather some yellow,  white and lavender blooms

Make their bouquets and decorate our rooms

Look at that pet shop and the cute brown dog,

Mamma Please get us a furry cat and stop saying na-na

It will not scare you or scratch you and wont make mess

Instead, it will be more fun, laughter and worry be less

Come on, enjoy some rides and slides in the park

Let’s play together hopscotch before it gets dark

It’s so much fun twirling and whirling in the cool breeze

Can we please go for a walk daily, please?

Before we head back home, stroll a little more

Look at those orange lilies and pink roses, it’s happiness galore

Let us stand amid them, pose and get clicked

For these moments are to be remembered and cherished!

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sonia dogra
September 14, 2020 6:36 am


October 15, 2020 2:57 pm

This is so heartwarming and precious. The joy is in the small moments. God bless.

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