10 Creative, colorful and fun Diwali Activities for children

10 Creative, colorful and fun Diwali Activities for children

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Festival means togetherness and love. As Diwali is round the corner, I have a few activities planned for my kids that will keep them engaged and a part of the whole celebration. If you are a parent and looking for some ideas too, here are 10 Creative, colorful and fun Diwali Activities for children.

Rangoli making:

Diwali without Rangoli is incomplete. The vibrant colors of Rangoli instantly gives the feel of the festival and uplifts the mood. Involve your kids in rangoli making process and they will certainly enjoy it. You can draw the design on the paper and make a cut out first then stick it using a transparent tape on the floor or surface where you want you want to make a rangoli. You can now ask them to fill the colors in the cut out. If the child is older, you can directly try making rangoli on the surface without a cut out using spoons, bowls etc. Another way to do is to draw the layout using a chalk and then fill the colors. You can use colors, colored rice, or even flowers for making rangoli. Another interesting way to make rangoli is to use playdough. Kids love playing with it and can make their own designs mess free.

Bandanwar and garlands making:

This is one of my favorite activities since childhood. Sit with your kids and teach them how to make a garland and bandanwar using flowers and mango leaves. As plastic needle is available in the market in craft shops these days, it is an excellent activity to keep kids involved and entertained. This will help them in enhancing their motor skills also. If you do not have flowers and leaves accessible, you can use colorful buttons, beads and other craft items to make these. The options are endless, just look around to see whats available with you.

Cleaning the temple (prayer area), footprints, flower arrangement and home decor:
  • Cleaning and decorating are the two major and most important tasks of Diwali so its a good idea to involve the children also. They will learn the importance of cleanliness and significance of the festival and you will get a helping hand. Read an article by the talented sisters Meenal Sonal about the Logical reasons to Deep-clean house on Diwali.
  • You can involve your kids in cleaning and rearranging the prayer room or area.
  • Also, you can encourage them to arrange the flowers in the vases. Kids enjoy doing such activities, teach them to make the bouquets of the flowers and arrange them well in the pots.
  • You can show them how to make the Goddess’s footprints using the hands and color.
  • Also, you can as them to change the bed sheets, cushion covers, setting up the dining table etc.
  • Another fun activity in which you can involve them is making floating flower pots. Take a glass bowl and fill it with water, add some flowers or petals then put a small floating lamp in it. You can also color the glass bowl completely or paint a design on it. It will illuminate colors when lit and add to the beauty of the decor.
  • You can also delegate them the tasks in the kitchen while making Diwali snacks. It will surely be a hit. Check out this amazing Diwali snacks idea by Harjeet.
Card making:

A wonderful activity for kids during the festivals is card making. I am a bit old school when it comes to cards and prefer home made and hand written instead of store bought or e-cards. No matter how simple the handmade card is, its special as it has the personal touch and emotions of the person who made it. Ask your kids to make cards for the family members with a little note for them. You can assist them too but let them draw, paint, stick independently as much as they can.

10 Creative, colorful and fun Diwali Activities for children


Coloring the diyas (lamps):

This is a quick and easy activity for kids. You can clean the earthen lamps (diyas) and ask them to play with the colors. Let them be creative and imaginative and decorate the diyas their way. Acrylic colors can be used for coloring them. After coloring the diyas, let them dry completely then you can decorate with stones or laces.

Hanging paper diyas:

You would need some colored papers, thread and glue to make hanging diyas. Cut a paper in round shape and then fold in into half making a semicircle. The diya base is ready Now make a flame using yellow or orange colored paper and stick to it. Make a small hole at the top of the flame and tie a thread to it. Make more such diyas and hang them. There are many youtube tutorials available online. Check them out here

Handmade jewelry:

There are many handmade jewelry kits available in the market which I see as a good gifting option for children for Diwali or any other occasion too. They can make their own jewelry and decked up on Diwali. If you do not have a ready made kit, turn your DIY mode on and make it at home. All you would need are some beads, buttons, elastic thread or even a normal thick thread will do. Using a plastic needed, you can make necklaces, bracelets and anklets and add more fun and colors to the festival.

Table accessories:
  • You can make flower vases using old glass bottles and painting them with glass colors for your table.
  • Also, you can make nice coasters at home. You would need old CD and some beads / stones /pearls or whatever craft items you have at home. Just stick those beads /pearls in a beautiful round pattern on the CD and its done.
  • Using the clay, you can make your own diyas. Mould them and color them and is done. If you want you can make a bigger bowl of the clay, color and decorate it for keeping snacks/ sweets / flowers on your dining table.
Diya stands:

There are many ideas to make diya (lamp) stand but here I am sharing one of those. You can take any old plate and paint it of any color of your choice. It can be any plate – steel, glass, wood. Once its dry, you can paint any design on it or even a small rangoli on it. Alternatively, you can decorate it using some crafts items like stones, beads etc. You can also make it hanging stand if using a plastic or wooden plate by making a hole in it using the puncher and thread. Whenever you create anything using the old stuff with your kids, they learn the importance of recycling.

Candle stand:

You can make DIY candle stands at home with kids.

  • Take an old, used plastic bottle and cut in into two parts. You can decorate it with pistachio shells or buttons or glasses or stones. Again, the options are endless.
  • You can also take old glass bottles (jam, coffee, etc.) and paint them with glass colors. These look extremely beautiful when lit.
  • Take old glass bangles and stick them one over the other and your quick and vibrant candle stand is ready. Keep the candle inside it and its ready.

So, these are a few activities that you can do with your kids (age 4-6 years). I wish you all a very Happy, safe and prosperous Diwali.

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MeenalSonal Mathur
November 12, 2020 1:01 pm

These are amazing ideas to keep kids busy and involved in the Diwali preparations, plus these activities can make the house colorful.

Gurjeet Chhabra
November 12, 2020 1:32 pm

You know we have already tried candle stand ,Toran and now planning to colour diya. MY daughter is very excited about it.

Harjeet Kaur
November 12, 2020 6:51 pm

That’s a great bunch of ideas to get the kids into full on Diwali mood. I am sure your girls must be truly excited about the great day. Happy Diwali to you and your adorable twins.

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