You are a mother/parent of twins when......

You are a mother/parent of twins when……read on!

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Motherhood is blissful and when you have multiples, it comes in a package of blessings and craziness. Starting from the pregnancy to raising twins, it is altogether a different game and everyday is a new adventure. The initial days of twin parenting seems overwhelming but gradually, things get better and you walk with an invisible tiara on your head. There are some unique differences that make twin parenting different from singleton parenting. Here are a few situations, every twin mom/ parent would be able to relate with. You are a mother/parent of twins when……read on:

  • When there is only one set of dress left and your shopping fails.
  • You see another mom holding one baby and you wonder where the other one is?
  • The complete set of shoes and socks count four.
  • You shake your arms even if the babies are not in your arms.
  • A double stroller is a boon and you cannot imagine your life without one.
  • You keep your mom/parent-guilt aside after a few months and cater to their needs, even if one baby is crying.
  • Terms like “multiples”, “singleton”, “preterm”, “NICU”, “tandem” are a regular part of your vocabulary.
  • You feel irritated when the onesies, socks, handkerchiefs, hairbands etc. come in a pack of three.
  • Counting heads is one of the most important tasks whenever you step out.
  • You join “multiple parenting” groups.
  • In the midnight, during two hourly feeding, you don’t remember which baby to be fed and you end up feeding the same twice.
  • You pray a lot, literally, a lot!!!
  • Bathroom is your favorite place in the entire home and you deliberately stay longer (at least try to, until the world starts falling down outside).
  • You forget to eat your meals!!!
  • Outings are restricted only to the covered areas so that you can manage to get hold of them if they run in opposite directions (which always happens).
  • Going out alone with the twins without a stroller seems daunting but once done, it’s a milestone achieved and you cannot stop boasting about it.
  • You hide inside the cupboard or behind the cot and eat that one piece of chocolate left.
  • On a play date with one child at a time, you feel something amiss.
  • Once you learn the art of baby wearing your twins, you feel like a triumphant.
  • Your favorite beverage is cold coffee /tea (There is no other choice).
  • You plan your outings between the feeding hours and rush home at a supersonic speed.
  • You are always on a run – indoors or outdoors.
  • Before you fix a meeting venue, you ask if its wheel friendly, covered, has a kids zone, and its distance from the parking lot.
  • Your newly acquired skillet includes childproofing, refereeing, multitasking, weightlifting etc.
  • You look full term and “about to deliver anytime” even in your 4th or 5th month of pregnancy.
  • Even if someone asks you about one child, you address one child as “them”.
  • You keep things out of their sight, which are just one.
  • Be it a party or road, you become the center of attraction.
  • You admire parents of triplets and more.
  • Your friends asks for your advice on raising her singleton or her pregnancy and you feel clueless.
  • You become a pro in doing chores with your feet.
  • Singleton parenting seems a cakewalk for you (please don’t judge, remember, grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it?).
  • You don’t compromise with the daily schedule as that’s the only way to maintain your sanity.
  • Fancy handbags, what’s that? We know backpacks only!
  • You don’t mind sleeping in an awkward posture with one twin lying anywhere on your flesh so that the other one does not wake up.
  • Sleep is the most loved and important thing for you than anything else in the world after “Buy one get one” sale.
  • People turn their heads every time (read always) your shopping trolley is filled with two of the exact same stuff.
  • Strangers don’t mind starting a conversation about the twins, offering you help in opening the door, or holding stuff and complimenting you.
  • The school form gets rejected due to the duplicate form (similar names).
  • Your doctor fixes appointment or prescribes medicine for a different twin.
  • Car is replaced by a van, remember double stroller is a priority and needs to be carried everywhere.
  • You wonder what a mother with single child does in her free time (No judgement again pleaseeeeee).
  • You don’t mind wearing sport shoes even in a party. After all, it makes running convenient.
  • Packing a diaper bag looks like packing a vacation bag.
  • You look forward to the bedtime since 10 am as you feel already exhausted.
  • You wake up another twin also if the another one is up. Schedule – compromise – insanity!!!
  • One wears both left and the other one both right shoes all the day. Ah! the benefits of same color, same size, same design.
  • Your mobile phones are on mute when they are asleep (in my case, its always).
  • You dread someone ringing the doorbell while the twins are asleep.
  • They wake up before their nap time and start crying and you join them too in crying. They cry, you cry, all cry.
  • Your neighbors hate you. Literally!
  • You always find snacks/ underwears / socks in your bag.
  • Mornings and bedtime starts with slimy kisses and hugs.
  • And lastly, you never trade your twin parenting life with anything else.

Image by ChristineMatrangos from Pixabay



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