Sister from different mother! A beautiful short story

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Shikha always wanted to be a model, rather top model. But parents’ pressure made her join one of the best institutes of the country. She had been a meritorious student since childhood. And now, managed to attain a decent score in JEE Main and got selected in one of the most prestigious colleges.

She dreamt of becoming an engineer like her dad and focused on it from the last many years. But lately developed an interest in the fashion industry and walking on the ramp. She was tall, slim, had a perfectly shaped body, long curly hair. Overall, a captivating beauty, well suited to be a model…ah top model. But destiny took her to this college.

It was the first day in college. With no interest, she took a seat near the window at the back of the class next to which Vimmy was sitting. It was their first encounter. In fact, Vimmy was the first person whom Shikha met in the college. They exchanged their coordinates before the lecture started. Days passed and they became good friends. They were always together in the class, lunch, breaks, library, and recess. Shikha used to reserve a seat for Vimmy next to her as she was mostly a latecomer.

Vimmy was a single child of her parents and a happy go lucky type girl with whom everyone wanted to be but Vimmy and Shikha were always busy in their own world.

They were doing well in their assignments and semester exams. Faculty members had a good image of both of them. It was the college’s annual function and they participated in many activities, together and solo. It was then, Vimmy discovered Shikha’s dream of becoming a model when she saw her performing in the fashion show with so much confidence and perfect attitude. Shikha also confessed it to her on insisting and narrated how she ended up doing this course.

Two years passed by and their friendship grew stronger. But there was something which was bothering Shikha. Vimmy was behaving weirdly from the last few days, she was happy but quiet which was not usual. On asking, she just used to shyly smile and change the topic. Shikha was irritated by now and wanted to find out what the real matter was. One day they were doing assignments together in the hostel room of Vimmy when Shikha found a diary which read “My journey”.

Shikha quietly kept it in her bag and soon after left for her house. She was excited to read the diary in her bag assuming she might get to know about what Vimmy was up to.

As soon as she finished dinner, she went into her room and started reading Vimmy’s diary. She was amazed to read the story of her life in a poetic manner which she had narrated flawlessly. Starting from her childhood memories, birthday parties, family vacations, summer holidays, teenage years, her bond with her parents, her desire to have a sibling sister and lastly to publish her book one day. In the second part of the diary, she had framed about her friendship with Shikha and also that she found a sister in her.

Shikha was touched and a tear rolled over her cheeks with happiness. She was more engrossed in reading the diary now and then she discovered the reason of Vimmy’s changed attitude these days. She had secretly developed a liking for one of her professor in the college. And this was from the second year itself which turned into a passionate love now. Shikha could not believe her eyes and again read those feelings which Vimmy had drafted very beautifully. Her love, passion, craziness was quite visible through her words. She could not wait to meet her the next day.

The next morning when Shikha asked Vimmy to bunk that professor’s class, Vimmy was puzzled as Shikha never bunked any class. It was always Vimmy who used to make such plans, not for that professor of course, but others. Vimmy was reluctant in bunking the class and made endless excuses to attend. Shikha kept teasing her with something or the other and then handed over her diary back to Vimmy.

Now the entire story was clear to Vimmy. She was angry with Shikha why she read her personal stuff but at the same time blushing over as her secret was out. Since then they not only used to attend Prof. Singh’s lectures but also the extra classes which he used to take for the students having any doubts. He was a young professor, an alumnus of that college itself, just two years senior to them. He had a nice built and a very attractive personality, any girl would fall for.

It was the last year of the course and Vimmy still didn’t share her feelings to him as she wanted things to be like that only. But Shikha had some other plans. They were busy in their internships in the different companies and were able to catch up only on weekends. The exams were nearing so they decided to meet only once a month.

Exams were over and they did well this time too. It was the last day at the college and their farewell party. Both of them met at the college and sat on the same seats where they met for the very first time. With heavy hearts, they bid goodbye to each other as they were posted in different cities on their respective jobs. They promised to be in touch forever and meet as and when possible. Shikha was placed in Bangalore and Vimmy in Mumbai.

A few months later, Shikha got a letter in her office from a Mumbai based fashion agency with the subject “Call for auditions for our upcoming fashion show”. The letter read:

“Ms. Verma,
We are pleased to shortlist you for the auditions of the model for our upcoming fashion show in Dubai. We had received your portfolio a few days back and found it suitable for the show. If interested, please drop by”.

Shikha could not understand what was all that. Which portfolio, which fashion show, which pictures. A flood of questions filled her mind. Then the phone rang and it was Vimmy. Before Shikha could tell her anything, she asked her not to think much and pack her bags for Mumbai where she was waiting for her. In no time, Shikha understood everything.

It was all Vimmy’s plan and that’s why she always used to take hundreds of pictures of her during their college fest, fashion show, freshers and farewell party or over their random meets. Shikha applied for leave in her office and left for Mumbai. She was more excited to meet Vimmy than going for the auditions. Finally, they met. That warm hug had all the pleasures of life. They were happy. Shikha was selected in the audition as a model and had to fly to Dubai in the next three months. She returned to Bangalore after a relaxing week long stay.

It was her fashion show and Vimmy was there with her along with both their parents. Yes, they were more of a family now. Their parents knew they were inseparable. The fashion show was about to start when Vimmy’s heart stopped, she was standing frozen when she saw Prof. Singh standing just in front of her. Before she could speak up, the hall was dark, music was on and the show started. They sat silently. Vimmy was still blank. She had no clue what he was doing there.

The show progressed and there she came, dressed in royal blue attire and walking with perfection. Both the families clapped with happiness. Before the show was about to end, there was an announcement of a book release from the organizers. Everyone was surprised as it was not planned. Finally, the organizers took over the stage and after thanking the designers, models, and sponsors, they launched the book that named “Her Journey, my tribute” by Ms. Vimmy Chopra.

They invited Shikha and Vimmy on the stage when Shikha introduced her to the audience. Vimmy was speechless, got a lump in her throat while thanking Shikha for her priceless gesture. She could not speak much and just hugged her on the stage itself.

The audience clapped and dispersed for the dinner while Shikha narrated the story to Vimmy how she sent her notes to her father whose friend is a publisher. He liked the writing and decided to publish the book. Shikha sent the manuscript to the professor also and he too confessed her secret affection for Vimmy.

Vimmy hugged Shikha again and said, “I got a sister from a different mother”.
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