A letter to our HERO, our Mother from every daughter…We love you #Gratitude

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MaaDear Maa,

Being myself a mother of two daughters, now I can totally relate and understand how you felt when we (me and my brother) were your little kids. I thought you were over possessive, over caring but I was so wrong. That was just love, selfless, unadulterated love like no one else’s in the world. I understand all your words and actions now what you told me then. I still remember:

When you used to ask us to keep our stuff on place which was lying all over so that the house looks like a endurable, cozy place and not a store room. You just wanted us to be organised human beings, we mistook you as bossy.

When you used to ask us what to cook in breakfast, lunch and dinner and we used to always flee and leave it on you to decide and later crib on the dining table. You wanted to cook of our choice. We mistook you as nagger.

When you used to ask for help in salad dressing or filling the empty bottles in kitchen and we used to run away but always needed a fridge full of cold bottles. You wanted us to become independent since the beginning. We mistook you as oppressive.

When you used to wake up late nights during our exams so that we could study well. Despite a long and tiring day, you wanted to accompany us so that we don’t fall asleep alone and do well in the exam next day. You wanted our bright future, we mistook you as a spy.

When you used to worry for me whenever I was late from school or tuitions. You wanted me to be safe and sound, I mistook you as over caring.

When you always said no to me for night outs with my friends or even late night parties. You wanted me to be with you at night to avoid any mishaps. I mistook you as over possessive.

When you were curious to know more about my friends and the company I kept. You wanted to save me from bad company, I mistook with interference.

When you took time in approving my life partner for my marriage, you were concerned and wanted me to choose wisely, I mistook you as old fashioned.

Now when I am in the same stage of life and experiencing the same instances, I understand what motherhood is all about. Its divine, its pure, its altruistic, it’s just full of love. Sorry for all the pains I gave you Maa, for all the times I hurt you, for not listening to you, not obeying you, not helping you…the list will never cease. But despite of all this, everytime I turned back, I saw you standing smiling with your arms widely opened. Thanks for bearing with me, thanks for everything. Love you always and always my wonder woman.

This post is an entry for mother’s day contest by kreativemommy.

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February 10, 2018 3:25 pm

That is very relatable. I have gone through those same experiences and it’s just when you are alone and away from mothers that you understand their love and their worry. Worrying is the way they dhow us their love??

? Smile ?
February 16, 2018 12:28 am

Childhood memories are always unlimited. Its wonderful post and thanks giving to mom. Long live the smiles and happiness always. Cheers

? Smile ?
February 16, 2018 12:30 am
Reply to  Vartikasdiary

Welcome. Good post. Happy blogging. Thanks for following. Appreciate. Cheers.

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