Book Review of Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice
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Book Review of Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice by Harjeet Kaur

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This is the first cookbook that I have read and decided to review as it has been written by a very inspiring lady. Looking at the title and visually tempting cover page, I grabbed it and finished reading it in a go. So, here goes my book review of Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice.

Book Title: Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice
Author: Harjeet Kaur
Genre: Recipe
Rating: 4

About the Author:

Harjeet is a freelance content writer and a versatile cook. She likes traditional cooking but has created her own ways to make the recipes simple for the millennial. Not compromising on taste and high on presentation, her culinary skills have been appreciated. She has won many laurels locally and online so much so that it was declared publicly that she would not participate anymore and rather be a judge for cooking competitions.

She loves to cook for family and friends and her “secret” ingredient, love, is abundantly used in her cooking. Cooking is a passion and the way she innovates and churns out fusion dishes is remarkable. Sharing her recipes with others
zealously, she is a selfless person who calls herself a “Jugaadu” cook, loves to travel and share her travel and food tales. Spreading smiles is what she does and sprinkles love along with it.

The Plot:

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect book for you. Love cooking, and experimenting? this is the book for you. If you are a party person and love surprising your guests with something exotic, this is the book for you. Bored of the traditional desserts and want some delight for your taste buds, you can’t miss laying your hands on this book.


Since I have moved to Poland, I have inclined more towards cooking. As I don’t get Indian sweets here, I am my own chef to satiate my gastronomic buds. I experiment a lot and always on a look out for some interesting and healthy recipes. Being a sweet lover, desserts are always on my mind, however, I try to keep it healthy, sugar and preservatives free.

Recently, when I grabbed this book by Harjeet, my happiness knew no bounds as it has a potpourri of traditional yet exotic desserts. Tempting, drool-worthy, mouthwatering recipes with an added benefit of quick cooking. As the title clearly explains, this book is a collection of various recipes of Virgin Cocktails and Decadent Desserts.

This book will give you many options to choose from for your next get together. I was amazed to find a few recipes which are quite unique and which you would not find in any regular cooking blog or book.

I am a fan of cocktails and refreshing drinks, but never researched much on the variety I can try. Most of the times I adhered to nimbu pani or buttermilk. Since I am a fitness freak, tetra pack juices, colas, aerated drinks are a big no at my place. I have neither introduced them to my kids nor I intend to. So, this book worked as a savior for me as it has excellent drink recipes.

Whether its traditional Aam Panna or Jal Jeera OR various Mojitos like Virgin Lychee Mojito, Virgin Mango Mojito, etc. OR various Iced teas like Pomegranate and Aam Panna (amazed? I am sure), this book has it all. There are many recipes with mango as its main ingredient and are must try in the summer. You would find Mango jelly, pudding, Creamy mango sago floats, Mango sago pearl Swirl, no-cook no churn mango ice cream and many more.

Another applaudable aspect of this book is the trendy names and creative presentation of the drinks and desserts. It makes the reader drool them over and have one immediately. I loved how Harjeet has turned the simple apple kheer into an exotic one with her magical touch. Her recipes are simple and easy to prepare.

She has shared a few tips and substitutes of the ingredients which is a great idea. The conversational writing style, vibrant pictures, and amazing recipes made this book a must-read.

I congratulate Harjeet for doing a wonderful job on her debut book and wish her immense success.


This book has been written as a part of Blogchatter e-book carnival and is available for free download for a limited time. You can grab your copy which is available for a free download for a limited time only here

So, this was my honest book review of “Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice” written as part of Blogchatter Book Review Program. Hope you will enjoy reading this book too.


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Harjeet Kaur
May 29, 2019 1:55 pm

I am really happy, thank you for such a wonderful review!!I am really overwhelmed. It is really thrilling and joyous to be appreciated by the younger generation. Thank you Vartika, Amazed. Inspired. Grateful. That’s how your review makes me feel.

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