6 Ways You Can Ensure Your Breastfeeding Journey Is Seamless

6 Ways You Can Ensure Your Breastfeeding Journey Is Seamless

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A new mother is always concerned about her ways of nurturing the baby. Her mind is often clouded with self doubts whether she’s doing the things the right way or not – be it holding the baby properly or breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the first step towards building a bond between the mother and baby as it is one of the first nurturing acts. As natural as breastfeeding is, she still worries and stresses over it the most. Doubts like whether the position is right, whether the baby is getting enough nutrients, if she is producing enough and many more. So, here are 6 ways you can ensure your breastfeeding journey is seamless.
These tips will surely help the new moms to prepare for their breastfeeding journey:
1. Don’t worry about production and frequent nursing hours:

Newborns get hungry often which is normal. Breast milk is the perfect food for them as it is easily digestible, hence kids need to be refueled often. Don’t worry if the baby asks for frequent nursing as it is also helping you produce more. As it works on demand and supply, hence the more you nurse, the more your body will produce.

Unlike bottle feed, since you cannot measure how much milk your baby is getting, new moms often think that if the baby is constantly hungry and crying, she is not making enough milk. This is not right. If your baby is urinating well throughout the day (5-6 diapers a day), your supply is good. So, relax and go with the flow.

If you are still concerned about the production, you can add natural ingredients in your diet to increase the supply. There are plenty of options available in your kitchen.

2. Take care of your nipples:

As the baby latches to your nipples, it is very important to keep it clean. So wipe it after every feed using plain water. Moreover, nipples are already tender and sensitive and tend to swell or feel downright raw after extensive breastfeeding sessions. Some mothers feel pain, redness, itching in the area too which could be due to a bad latch or kids’ biting.

Applying your own breast milk, teabags, warm compressions, even a cabbage leaf covering the entire breast helps in soothing the nipples and healing the blisters and cracks. If you see it is getting worse, do not hesitate to see your doctor. DO NOT rub or scrub your nipples to extract milk from it, it never helps.  More so, it leaves you sore and with brittle nipples.

3. Latching position:

It is one of the most important factors while breastfeeding. Though over time and with practice, your baby will identify the best position for himself/herself but a few things for you to keep in mind are:

  • Keep your baby at a level where his/her mouth is close to the nipple so that he /she can easily latch it.
  • Keep their chin right up against your breast so that their nose is not choked. Many moms prefer breastfeeding while lying down. If at all, you opt for this, ensure the baby’s nose position is clear and not getting choked, Also, the milk is not going to the ears of the baby.
  • Keep their head tilted slightly backward.

Try that the baby latches onto not only the nipple but the entire areola part.

4. Drink water, relax and keep stress at bay:

Before and after every feed, try to drink 1-2 glasses of water. This not only keeps you hydrated but also helps in the supply. Most of all, keep yourself stress-free and happy. Take deep breaths and loosen your body. You might be awake throughout the night but remember this phase will soon pass. Thank Almighty for this little bundle of happiness and you will have all the reasons to be happy. A happy mother can raise happy kids.

5. Invest in a good breast pump – LuvLap Sunshine Electric Breast Pump:

No, it’s not a luxury, it is a necessity as it really helps you ease your breastfeeding journey. It helps you express your milk when you feel the breasts are heavy and full and the baby is not hungry yet. Instead of wasting the milk, use LuvLap Sunshine Electric Breast Pump and store your liquid gold in containers and freeze it in the refrigerator.

LuvLap Sunshine Electric Breast Pump is specially designed for lactating mothers and a few of its amazing features include:

    • Soft silicone massage cushion that sits comfortably and softly around your skin, making the experience smoother
    • Stimulation mode that that allows you to express better and in greater quantity
    • 2-in-1 mode with 5 level operation, allows comfortable and faster milk expression
    • Boost up mode – increases suction level by 10-30 percent
    • Dual power source – electric and alkaline aa battery usage
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Prerna Wahi
September 26, 2019 3:12 pm

I agree with all your points. Very helpful for all new mothers. I totally endorse the idea that it takes a village to raise a child!

Manish Gaur
November 26, 2019 12:09 pm

Most important: do Not feed on demand. You want to nurse your baby every 3–4 hours to establish a routine and then the baby gets fuller and sleeps longer between feedings. That means you get to sleep also. If the baby is too hungry, just give her/him some sterile water from a bottle. It’ll fill her up until it’s time to eat.

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