Book Review of Just Another Day by Piyusha Vir
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Book Review of Just Another Day by Piyusha Vir

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While surfing books on Amazon for my next read, I stumbled upon a book that caught my fancy, especially its title piqued my interest. I often think that how a day or even a moment can change one’s life. One hour you are all happy and gay, the other hour might bring something unexpected and leave you shattered. One moment you feel miserable, the other moment might be fulfilling. Such events within 24 hours make you wonder was it just another day? So, here goes the book review:

Title: Just Another Day
Author: Piyush Vir
Genre: Short Stories / Fiction
Rating: 5/5


Just Another Day is a debut book of the author and a collection of 3 short fictional stories. Each story has a totally different storyline that talks about the little yet big events that can take place on a normal day and can turn one’s life upside down. Every tale is well crafted, gripping, intense and ends in an unexpected twist. I liked the wit of the author that she has used appropriately. The book is a pacy and quick read that can be finished in a single sitting or can make a good travel companion too. Overall it was an enjoyable and breezy experience reading Just Another Day!


Every story is written in a different genre that is a big plus as the reader will never feel boring or monotonous. In the first story, “In Writer’s Circle”, which is a whodunit, the author has portrayed a complex female protagonist and the story is crafted from her point of view. This is a crime thriller and keeps the reader biting nails and guessing the murderer until the end.

In the second story, “Happy Birthday, Saisha”, which is a poignant story of two youngsters. The reader can predict what is coming but will stay glued to it. It is a hard-hitting dark reality of the society we live in, today. It leaves you gloomy and makes you think and think twice about the safety of our lives.

The third and last one, “Elevator Tales” is a romantic story. I am glad the author saved it for the end as it balanced out the severity of the second story and refreshes your mood again. It gives you a hearty laugh and leaves you wanting for more. If I have to pick my favorite, it would be the third one as it gave me butterflies in my stomach and I end up singing, “my dil goes hmmm hmmm”

The plots are strong, the choice of words is excellent, the writing is unpretentious, the narration is casual and brilliant that the reader can visualize the scenes. The stories are quite short yet deliver the right message which is not an easy task. I loved how the author has sprinkled humor to keep the reader entertained. Though the genres are different, the common streak is the first person narrative. As every story ends in a twist, there is a surprising wow element for the readers.

Without being a spoiler, I end my review here so that you can grab your copies and enjoy this fast-paced book.


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