Four New Books to Buy For Your Children This Summer
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Four New Books to Buy For Your Children This Summer

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My daughters simply love reading and they get bored with the same books and stories very soon. Every now and then, they ask for new stories and hence I am always on a lookout for the variety of books which not only they can read but also learn something valuable from each of them. So, this summer I added four new books in their collection (Yes, they already have a mini library and I can see avid readers in the making). So, here are the short reviews of the latest kids books which I loved. Hope my review will help you choose the right one for your tiny tots. So, I recommend these Four New Books to Buy For Your Children This Summer.

1. “Sunrise, Moonrise” by Trishla Jain

It is a wonderful book to teach your kids about the power of prayer and different religions, cultures, and faith. Whether it is offering flowers in the temple or chanting Holy names with beads in hand or bowing the head and kneeling in the mosque or singing gospel in Church, prayers leave you blessed and give you peace. The place or way of the prayer doesn’t matter, what matters is being kind to each other.

Personally, I liked this book for the fact that it develops the feeling of harmony in the kids for all the religion as we teach them about the same. And in today’s world where there is a lot of hatred around and people are fighting over religions, this approach will be helpful. Writing could have been better but since it is a unique topic, I’d recommend it.

I love the lines,

“I hope children remember,
as their journeys start,
that peace and light
come straight from the heart”.

You can grab your copy here

Sunrise, Moonrise & Om The Gnome & The Chanting Comb
Sunrise, Moonrise & Om The Gnome & The Chanting Comb

2. “Om the Gnome & the Chanting Comb” by Trishla Jain

Another book titled, “Om the Gnome & the Chanting Comb” talks about the most powerful word OM and its strength. It is an interesting way to teach kids the merits of meditation. It is a story of a little boy, whose name also happens to be Om. His grandmother gifts him a shiny comb with his name inscribed on it on his birthday. And then starts his journey to explore OM and solving the problems of life. This book teaches you the importance of mindfulness, how to chant OM correctly, and how it can leave you stressfree. I loved the message in the book, “Everything you need is within you”. The beautiful illustrations by Tahira Powell deserve a special mention.

I feel this book may be overwhelming for the toddlers and can be well suited and understood by the kids of 6-7 years of age. It is a deep subject of spirituality which needs a little more understanding.

You can get your copy on Amazon by clicking here

Both these books have been written by the author, Trishla Jain and are specially designed for kids with amazing artwork and vibrant pictures. This is a creative way to teach them something new and meaningful and indulge in an interesting conversation with them. It will help the parents/grandparents bond with their little ones as they read these to them and with them. The cover pages were so catchy that I could not hold back my excitement to read these and finished in a go. One thing that I really liked in both these books is the puzzle activity on every page which keeps them hooked making the activity even interesting.

3. “In my heart” by Nandana Dev Sen

This book is about a 4-year old sweet girl, Mia. She was told by her parents that she arrived in their hearts directly and was happy about the fact until she discovered that some babies come from the tummies of their moms. It was when the curious girl starts probing her parents about where did she actually come from. She starts shooting her endless questions to everyone around in order to hunt for her tummy mummy.

In my heart
In my heart

This is of the most heartwarming books I have read recently. Written by Nandana Dev Sen, this book talks about a very sensitive topic “Adoption”. I was amazed by the writing skills of the author for penning such a difficult topic so sensitively and beautifully. Since this book is about the author’s own daughter, I find it very endearing. I would recommend this book to all the adopted children and their parents too. The parents who are planning to adopt and the new siblings of the adopted children. It is a great way to introduce them to the concept of Adoption and their origin. They may not take it comfortably initially but I’m sure they would feel blessed to be around such loving parents who gave them not just their name but also hearts and selfless love.

My kids enjoyed this story however, I feel they are still too young to understand the real meaning of this book at this stage, so I intend to read it to them again in a few years time when they will be sensitive enough to soak the essence.

You can grab your copy here

4. “Coming Round The Mountain” by Ruskin Bond

Written by Sir Ruskin Bond, it is a tale of four friends during the days of Independence, studying at a boys boarding school in Simla. The writer has shared their usual schedule, strict routine, early morning mandatory PT class which they hated, daily banters, mischiefs and much more, in a simple yet effective language.  After independence, how things were uncertain, nobody knew the fate of each other including their school that brought them together. The separation anxiety and the fears of the teenage boys for not seeing their friends again have been described beautifully.

Coming Round The Mountain
Coming Round The Mountain

The entry of a girl in a boy’s school and the butterflies in their stomach to talk to her was fun to read. This book made me laugh, cry, think and took me to that era, and that school as the narration and flow of the story is brilliant.
Read more to know what happened with these 4 friends, what life had in store for them. Did they meet again or separated?

You can grab your copy here

So, I recommend these Four New Books to Buy For Your Children This Summer if you are also looking for some good reads, check these out now and thank me later.

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Noor Anand Chawla
Noor Anand Chawla
November 25, 2019 4:16 pm

I have read all these books and I must say, Ruskin Bond’s was my absolute favourite!


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