Some useful Points to consider while choosing a Friendly Kindergarten
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Some useful Points to consider while choosing a Friendly Kindergarten

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As kids spend plenty of time in their kindergarten, it becomes really important for the parents to find a good, and safe place for them. Safety, manners, values, and etiquette are taught to young kids in these happy and friendly places. As a parent, you always want only the best for your child. This begins when you venture out to search for an appropriate kindergarten. So I am sharing some useful Points to consider while choosing a Friendly Kindergarten. 

Some useful Points to consider while choosing a Friendly Kindergarten

1) Age policies for admission:

Every kindergarten has its age policy. Some of these kindergartens or preschools start taking admissions starting from ages between 1.5 and 2 years.  This is because not all kindergarten organizations have the right resources to manage younger children effectively. So this is the first thing to consider when hunting for kindergarten.

2) Consider the appearance of the place:

A friendly kindergarten will most of the time make you feel happy as you walk inside them. These rooms are designed with vibrant color and design themes. Choosing a popular kindergarten is not always the right way to decide one for your child. You can physically check the kindergarten, its classrooms, play zone and washroom zones to be sure about the cleanliness and hygiene factors A kindergarten is very different from a formal school or classroom. Make sure that it looks friendly for children and not a reflection of a strict classroom.

3) Safety and infrastructure parameters: 

A friendly kindergarten will have safety standards well maintained in its infrastructure. Since these places are to be used by very young kids, the safety parameters must always be checked. Most of the floor areas must have soft carpet areas with no sharp edges anywhere. Ensure that the staff members working in these kindergartens are trained in basic first aid applications as well. Choose a kindergarten that is certified as per the standards and compliance. 

4) Free play area:

The scope of free play zones is incorporated in modern kindergartens in addition to their classroom structured play process. This is because free play enhances the thinking abilities in children allowing them to be creative and innovative with time. 

5) Do not miss checking the classrooms:

Music and storytelling are essential parts of a friendly kindergarten. When you are searching for a good kindergarten do drop into the classroom zones to check what is going on in real-time.

6) Proactive management:

Inspect how proactive the staff members and teachers are in a friendly kindergarten. While dealing with very young children, teachers and staff members must be prompt and proactive in all their activities. Try understanding this aspect when reviewing the quality of the kindergarten.

7) Distance of the kindergarten:

Having your home or place of work in close proximity to the kindergarten is a very good idea. Much time must not be spent on traveling to and fro from the kindergarten.

8) Element of nature in everyday academics:

Friendly kindergartens have resources to encourage children to connect with their natural surroundings as well. Nature-based interactions, role-plays and charades are all important activities that can be exploited for better growth during the kindergarten years. The teachers and assistant teachers working in these kindergartens must have the right training to handle all the tantrums associated with too small kids

A happy and friendly kindergarten is the foundation of a happy child. Gone are the days when KG or kindergarten was only considered as a playing place. It is today an important bridge that prepares the child to enter elementary education in a proper manner. Fun and learning go hand in hand in a kindergarten and you must delay no more in choosing one for your little one.


So, these were some useful Points to consider while choosing a Friendly Kindergarten! Would you like any more to the list?

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Princy Khurana
September 18, 2019 8:52 am

it is never easy looking for a kindergarten for the little one.
lot of research and thought goes behind it
#myfriendalexa #princyreads


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