Book Review of "You Are Blooming: A Journey to Rekindle the Lamp of Heart"
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Book Review of “You Are Blooming: A Journey to Rekindle the Lamp of Heart” by Swarnali Nath

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Book Review of “You Are Blooming” by Swarnali Nath

Title: You Are Blooming: A Journey to Rekindle the Lamp of Heart

Author: Swarnali Nath

Genre: Self-help, Motivational

Format: E-book

Rating: 4.5/5

About the Author:

Swarnali wears many hats being an engineer, writer, podcaster (Pause Breathe Heal), and a classical singer. She believes words can heal the soul and she pens her thoughts on her blog ‘The Saffron Storyteller’ and for many online platforms also. Her poems have been featured several times in poetry communities. She is a part of an anthology named ‘The Woman That I Am’ as one of the contributing authors. She was nominated as Author of the year 2019 by StoryMirror where she is designated as Literary Colonel. Apart from writing, Swarnali has an interest in music, arts, and culture. She is A coffee lover, a prolific writer, and an avid reader, she finds solace in books and music. Get in touch with her on Instagram and Twitter @scarsandglory.

About the Book:

In everybody’s life, we come across situations when things go wrong, and we are clouded with doubts, darkness and despair. We feel broken, and shattered. This book will take you on a ride to self discovery through the 21 letters. Swarnali’s words will soothe your soul and give you hope, courage, perseverance and will power. I would not say that this book will help you in coming out of your grief and insecurities but it will surely act as a mirror to your innate thoughts. It will help you regain that lost confidence and discover your inner strength, the power of healing and you will bloom with every chapter.

And is there any better and bigger motivation than realizing that you have the power within yourself to fight and get up again?


The book is a collection of 21 letters across 3 weeks (chapters) and every chapter is divided into three sections – ‘7 Days of Hope’, ‘7 Days of Beauty’, ‘7 Days of Grace’. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit and I loved how the author has structured this book for 21 days. It certainly makes a perfect plan to introspect, find courage, hope, beauty and grace within. The book will encourage you to embark on the journey to rekindle the lamp of heart and leave you smiling once you finish it. After 21 days, you can find a different you. While we keep looking out for peace and happiness in the outside world, the book will make you realize that the magic lies within you only.

All the poems can’t be read, all the songs can’t be heard.
When you embrace the silence around yourself, you will hear them all.”
The title is apt and conveys the message that the author intends to spread, “we all are blooming”. The book cover is well designed, beautiful and catchy. The bright yellow blooming flowers go well with the title of the book. The narration is flawless and as you glide through the book, it calms you and brings you hope, goodness, positivity and freshness. The writing style of the author is engaging and keeps the reader hooked till the core of every letter.
It is pretty evident from the writing style of the book that it has been written straight from the heart. Swarnali has shared her experiences and the problems that she has faced in her life, not only she fought with them but also rose as a triumph. In her words, she found a lamp every time. She has shared her experiences through the various anecdotes and this makes the book stand out from the other self help books.
Concluding my review by sharing few of my favorite lines from the book:

“It’s only the star and you.
It’s the sky, the sea,
The mountain, the dew.
It ages, it expands.
It grows, it blooms.
Like the spring, every moment, The old leaves,
To make a place for the new.
And you find, you are blooming. Every day, every moment,
You are shedding the older self of you, Leaving all the darkness behind You are becoming the new”.


This book is for keeps. No matter whether you are fighting problems in your life or not, this book is a must read as it gives you hope and power and lifts your spirit. Every letter is a powerhouse of energy and leaves the reader rejuvenated.


This book is available on Amazon for Rs. 100/- and free on Kindle Unlimited. You can grab your copy here. You can read more book reviews by me here.

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Jyoti Jha
Jyoti Jha
October 23, 2020 2:59 pm

This is such a lovely review of an amazing book. I have read the book and I completely agree with every word you have written about it. The book is for keeps indeed!

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