Life is hard, why don’t we cherish the little joys in life!

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For me, happiness lies in the smallest of things. When I look around, there are a lot of little joys that bring a smile on my face like:

1. A warm cup of tea and toast in the morning
2. Petrichor
3. Dancing in the rain
4. Bunking class with friends
5. First salary
6. Reconnecting with an old friend
7. Meeting your school teacher and he/she recognises you
8. Planning surprise for someone
9. Watching your kid’s first stage performance
10. Lazing around in Mother’s lap
11. Father’s tight hug
12. Becoming parents
13. That first love letter
14. Making someone smile
15. When someone says your kid resembles you
16. Rainy day in school
17. Seeing your baby for the first time
18. Family vacation
19. Sunset on a beach
20. Freshness of hills
21. Sudden snowfall
22. Decorating Christmas tree
23. Touching the leaves of touch me not
24. Seeing a giggling child
25. Those two lines on pregnancy strip
26. Recognition and promotion at work
27. Your favourite song on radio
28. Your baby’s first steps
29. Reading your favourite book again
30. Baking cake for the first time
31. Seeing all your medical reports are normal
32. Watching your childhood album
33. A relaxing body massage
34. Siblings wedding
35. Birth of nephew/niece
36. Knowing someone has a crush on you secretly
37. Last bite of favourite meal
38. Long weekend
39. Fitting into old dresses after delivery
40. Receiving flowers
41. Surprise dinner with your loved one
42. Feeling your baby’s kick for the first time
43. Your first marathon
44. Someone turns twice with admiration towards you
45. People trust you
46. Finding a currency note from an old handbag/jacket
47. No pimple face in the morning, yes the facepack worked
48. Celebrating parents anniversaries and birthdays
49. Your country wins the World Cup in any sport
50. Smell of the new books
51. Witnessing a rainbow
52. A new hair cut
53. Sipping tea sitting in the balcony while it rains out
54. Sponsoring a child’s education
55. Dancing crazy
56. Holidaying with parents at their dream destination
57. Cheat day during dieting
58. Playing your childhood games with your parents and kids
59. Freedom after years of imprisonment
60. Receiving gift and can’t wait to unwrap it
61. Winning anything even a game of ludo
62. Getting anything complimentary
63. The last night with parents and siblings before the guests arrive on your wedding
64. A cozy bed
65. A sound sleep
66. A power nap
67. A sweet dream
68. Admiring yourself in the mirror
69. Marrying your love
70. Teasing your sibling
71. Sale on your favourite brand
72. Random party and no cooking
73. Making your parents proud
74. Listening to the chirping birds
75. Parents get clinically stable after a prolonged illness
76. Knowing someone loves you and cares for you
77. Surprise visit to your family
78. Morning walks
79. Laughing with someone on the silliest jokes which only you two can understand
80. Cultivating a new hobby
81. Winning a scholarship
82. Home sweet home

Do you also see happiness in these day to day small things? Please do share it with me.

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September 7, 2017 5:27 am

Wow awesome,while reading there was smile on my face all the time, thanks for this sweet reminder….

Aparna Gakhar
September 7, 2017 2:54 pm

Why did I never know that you have a blog?
I don’t follow much blogs but yours is on the top of the list now!
Love it <3 🙂

September 11, 2017 11:19 am

Lovely!!! I think I’m going to follow you….literally!

Ben Aqiba
February 16, 2018 12:33 pm

Hello Vartika,

it seems that happiness is around us and we can find her in every corner. In every single situation. Two prisoners looked out the window,one saw the mud, the other saw the stars!


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